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Toys Transformers Back to the Future

Transformers go Back to the Future

IDW Publishing has announced the latest crossover with the Transformers will see Optimus Prime meet the new time-traveling Autobot – Gigawatt! GREAT SCOTT!

Review Transformers vs The Terminator #2 6.0

Transformers vs The Terminator #2 Review

The Decepticons have proven to be just about as much as the Autobots can handle, but they may not be the only threat out there.  Your Major Spoilers review of Transformers Vs. The Terminator #2, awaits.

Review Wellington #4 Review 8.7

Wellington #4 Review

The rational Wellington has run headlong into a supernatural mystery. Can his logic and discipline compensate for his lack of otherworldly knowledge? Find out in Wellington #4 from IDW Publishing!

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