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Review Exorsisters #6 Review 8.7

Exorsisters #6 Review

Cate and Kate return in their battle against the ultimate evil! Can Cate find her lost soul – Kate – and get back to Earth and stop the First Shadow? Find out in Exorsisters #6 from Image Comics!

Review Exorsisters #5 Review 8.3

Exorsisters #5 Review

We learn a bit more about the First Shadow, but what does it have against Earth, and why is Cate and Kate’s mom helping it?

Review Exorsisters #4 Review 8.0

Exorsisters #4 Review

First, angels falling to earth and vanishing without a trace. Then a hapless thief sells his soul to the devil in the alley. Just what is going on here?

Review Exprsosters #3 Review 8.7

Exorsisters #3 Review

Is there anything more awkward than meeting your ex?  There is, if he’s returning from the great beyond…  Your Major Spoilers review of Exorsisters #3 awaits!


Exorsisters #1 Review

When things from the underworld mess with your life, who are you going to call? Harrow and Harrow, the Exorsisters, have got the goods!