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Press Release In case you missed it, ADULT SWIM is outdoing themselves this year at San Diego Comic Con with three fun-filled days of press, panels, events and talent signings under the hot San Diego sun!

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Guardians of The GalaxyMarvelSolicitations

Remember how DC Comics created the JLA 3000, and you demanded that Marvel do the same thing? No? Well someone did, because Marvel said it was so in a press release announcing Guardians 3000.

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What happened to the shawarma restaurant after the Avengers stopped by to grab a quick bite?  Nerdist has the answer in a new UCB Presents.

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Fan FilmHumorStar WarsVideo

An oldie, but a goodie – Star Wars Speed Dating!

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Fan FilmHumorStar WarsVideo

Remember how you used to love the Ewoks? There’s a different, and probably more accurate take, that I’ve seen a few people mention over the years, that plays out in this LEGO fan film.

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Fan FilmHumorStar WarsVideo

You’ve probably already seen the video of the dad (who works at Dreamworks) who took videos of his son, and then did his effects magic and posted it on line. If you have, here it is again. If you haven’t check out this kid tearing up the toy aisle with his lightsaber.

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Star Wars

The Cantina Band is certainly what all the kids are listening to these days and it just so happens that they have an open spot that needs filled. Watch the likes of Ben Folds, Reggie Watts, and Weird Al audition to join the band.

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Friday Sing-AlongGame of Thrones

Frozen has been one of the largest successes for Disney since they made their first film. Game of Thrones is so popular it crashes HBO GO every Sunday. Only seems natural that these two powerhouses should come together.

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Frozen is a fun movie, even though it has a few flaws.  The good people at How It Should Have Ended, decided to take one of the biggest problems and run with it.

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Back To The FutureFan FilmHumorVideoX-Men

There are a few moments where the bits line up correctly, so it’s worth checking out for nothing more than giving Young Zach a reason to share his TMNT/Transformers mashup.

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Fan FilmHumorMoviesVideoX-Men

Just how many mutants are going to show up in X-Men: Days of Future Past?  Adam McCabe from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles, has an answer…

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You can’t trust Captain America according to this spoof attack ad.

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A conversation about Ancient Aliens leads to an intimate conversation about Kryptonians.

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Friday Sing-AlongHumorMusicVideo

A beautiful song about Wendy’s that everyone needs to hear…

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