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Strong Bad Email
homestar runnerHumorVideo

It has been far, far, far too long since the last Strong Bad E-mail appeared. If only the Homestar Runner adventures would arrive more often… (sad emoji). Until then, let’s see what Strong Bad is up to.

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The Orville
comic conventionFoxsan diegosan Diego Comic ConTelevisionTrailerVideo

If you are completely not interested in Star Trek: Discovery, perhaps you want something a little different. We offer for your enjoyment the latest trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s comedy(?) series, The Orville.

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Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Troy Vevasis, Mr. Crypt, Vincent Prince, horror, humor, Alterna
Alterna ComicsFeaturedPodcastWayne's Comics Podcast

In Episode 290 this week, I talk with Troy Vevasis about his fun/horror comic Mr. Crypt, coming soon from Alterna Comics… on newsprint, no less!

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Fan FilmHumorSpider-ManVideo

Sam and Niko at Corridor Digital are back with another superhero themed video that is all kinds of disturbing, as they present their take on Spider-Man.

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HumorStar WarsVideo

Spoilerite Karen pointed us to this hilarious video of what an Imperial Consultant thinks about the Death Star.

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DeadpoolFunkoMarvelPOP! FiguresVideo

Marvel and Funko have teamed once again to bring us a humorous adventure of their Pop! Vinyl figures in animated form. Today, Deadpool and Venom face off as they slice and dice their way through a chimichangas truck.

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HumorStar Warswebcomic

Today’s Our Valued Customers strip totally gets the love/hate relationship with fandom, perceived fandom, and the threat that “your thing” is going to be usurped by a bunch of people who are not you. This may be my favorite comic strip of the year. via Our Valued Customers

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Fan FilmHumorVideo

As the holidays draw ever closer, it’s time to reflect on what it means to be rescued from the upside down.

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BatmanDCFan FilmVideo

What happens when Bruce Wayne goes in search of a team to take on the horrible villains of the world? Take the jump for this Batastic fan film that sees Batman teaming with all of the Batman movie characters.

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CthulhuFriday Sing-AlongHumorMusic

What a wonder phrase. Thanks to Spoilerite John for sending this bit of joy our way on this Friday!

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Oh, sure, Pokemon Go is all the rage with the superhero set, but the Dark Knight has Batman: GO!

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Fan FilmHumor

I went to the movie theater to see Super Mario Bros. when it was initially released, and 23 years later, I still have a horrible taste in my mouth. This is why Mario Bros. fan films are so important – to give us a palette cleanser and to show us what could be if H’wood would give the property one more chance. The latest offering to the fan film catalogue features the Mario Bros. getting a Goodfellas treatment.

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