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CthulhuFriday Sing-AlongHumorMusic

What a wonder phrase. Thanks to Spoilerite John for sending this bit of joy our way on this Friday!

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Oh, sure, Pokemon Go is all the rage with the superhero set, but the Dark Knight has Batman: GO!

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Captain AmericaHumorMarvelMoviesThorVideo

What was Thor doing during Captain America: Civil War? This new bonus clip reveals all.

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Fan FilmHumor

I went to the movie theater to see Super Mario Bros. when it was initially released, and 23 years later, I still have a horrible taste in my mouth. This is why Mario Bros. fan films are so important – to give us a palette cleanser and to show us what could be if H’wood would give the property one more chance. The latest offering to the fan film catalogue features the Mario Bros. getting a Goodfellas treatment.

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What would happen if props suddenly became real? The prop war escalates in Prop Wars: Prop Harder from Sneaky Zebra.

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DCMoviesSuicide Squad

So… you may have heard the reviews for Suicide Squad have not been spectacular, and this has upset everyone including Abdullah Coldwater who has set up a petition at to have Rotten Tomatoes shut down because of all the hate.

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lootcrate suicide squad
HumorSuicide SquadVideo

We know that the upcoming Suicide Squad brings some of the worst DC Villains together to take on something even worse. But what if Quentin Tarantino had a chance to assemble his own squad? What would it look like? Fortunately, thanks to Loot Crate Productions, we know what it could look like.

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The team at Corridor Digital have been playing Pokemon Go… maybe just a little too much.

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comic conventionConanHumorsan Diego Comic ConTelevisionVideo

Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter have been together for a long, long time. But sometimes a friendship can only take so much, and when the arguing escalates, we end up with a fight no one ever wanted to see.

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comic conventionConanMoviessan Diego Comic ConSpider-ManVideo

On Conan last night, Martin Starr, star of HBO’s Silicon Valley, shared a video from the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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comic conventionConansan Diego Comic ConTelevisionVideo

Conan O’brien paid a visit to Ironhead Studios, the company behind many of the costumes worn in superhero movies. Not only do we get a behind the scenes look at the workshop, but Conan also gets a spiffy new superhero costume.

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The great Dave Johnson takes time from his busy schedule to show us how to draw Batman in three minutes.

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Doctor StrangeHumorVideo

We know Doctor Strange has amazing abilities far beyond those of normal man, but how does he fare in the real world?  

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The latest installment of DC Super Hero Girls has arrived, and it is time for Batgirl to take her flying license exam – IN THE BATJET!

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