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Review Omni #1 Review 8.0

Omni #1 Review

Cecelia Cobbina has new superpowers, just like many others across the globe. But, her powers may just reveal the truth about what is happening to the planet and the people on it.  Your Major Spoilers review awaits.

Review Ignited #3 Review 5.0

Ignited #3 Review

Still recovering from a tragedy that unfortunately will sound far too familiar, the superpowered students of Phoenix Academy are given a sudden reminder of their trauma, but maybe they aren’t as alone as they think in Ignited #3 from Humanoids.


[Preview] OMNI #1

Humanoids has a new series launching next week from Devin Grayson, Alitha E. Martinez, and Bryan Valenza. Take the jump for a sneak peek of Omni #1.


Humanoids announces SDCC 2019 plans

Humanoids, the publisher of some of the world’s most iconic and groundbreaking science fiction and fantasy graphic novels, is announcing their San Diego Comic-Con International 2019 exclusives and details for their SDCC panel, in advance of the convention. 

Sneak Peek Strangelands #1

[Preview] Strangelands

Humanoids has released this sneak peek of Strangelands #1 from co-writers Magdalene Vissagio and Darcie Little Badger, with art from Guillermo Sanna.

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