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Avengers #2 Review

A new Celestial host has arrived, with no Avengers team to investigate or defend the world.  Good thing Loki’s around!  Your Major Spoilers review of Avengers #2 awaits!

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Avengers #100 Retro Review
AvengersFeaturedMarvelRetro ReviewReview

Once upon a time, a crisis so grave arose that all the Avengers who had ever been part of the team assembled to face it.  Of course, that meant fewer heroes than some modern lineups… and BOTH girls!  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Avengers #100 awaits!

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Once again, I must apologize for being late with this column. I was in Kansas City for Planet Comicon, which I enjoyed greatly, but con crud caught up with me as I was heaving 40-pound boxes in the bitter cold. I was doomed! Since then, however, Marvel has yet again decided to give their books another new start.

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Avengers #684

The Hulk returns in Avengers #684, and Marvel has released this teaser trailer showcasing the return.

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Hulk Variant Covers

If you love the Hulk, then February will be the month for you to grab as many variant covers as you can, as Marvel has announced the green goliath will be part of the companies Variant Cover Program.

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March will see the return of Weapon H in an all new series from Greg Pak and Cory Smith.

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Diamond Select ToysHulkThorToys

Diamond Select Toys has released two new exclusive action figures that are coming to the Disney Store and Marvel Shop.

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Thor Vs. Hulk
comixologyDigital ComicsHulkMarvelPress ReleaseThor

Marvel and comiXology announced the next series in their line of exclusive digital comics– Thor Vs Hulk: Champions Of The Universe.

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Weapon H Totally Awesome Hulk #22
HulkMarvelSneak PeekSolicitations

Marvel has released a first look at the upcoming Hulk/Wolverine combo – Weapon H! It almost seems like nothing can stop this one when it starts to rampage.

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Amazing Spider-ManFeaturedRetro ReviewSecret WarsVenom

As someone who has spent far too much time around comics on sale, I often see this one labeled as ‘the 1st appearance of super-popular future movie star, Venom!’  In a way, that’s true, but there’s perhaps a little context one needs to know…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8 awaits!

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What is the Vanishing Point, and why are legacy heroes standing alongside their mentors? And where are the Fantastic Four? via Marvel

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Marvel is move fast and furious with it next crossover event when Weapon X and Totally Awesome Hulk become the Weapons of Mutant Destruction.

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