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PRESS RELEASE: Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival, presented by Starz and their hit original series Ash vs. Evil Dead, returns for its third annual festivities on August 18-21, in conjunction with Wizard World Chicago. Today, the Festival announced highlights of the groovy lineup, sponsored by Shudder and, featuring the critically acclaimed opening night nail-biter Don’t Breathe, directed by Fede Alvarez; a salute to genre hero Fred Dekker; an epic event featuring comedian Doug Benson; and a 25th anniversary celebration of the most excellent sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (originally titled Bill & Ted Go To Hell).

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Lion Forge Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Night Trap #1 from Cullen Bunn and JB Bastos.

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When you mix murder and the supernatural, it makes a heinous act even worse, in my opinion. After all, when a living being removes the life of another for whatever reason, it’s bad enough. But when an extra-natural element gets involved, it makes it even creepier! This book explores what it would be like to be able to observe a murder as if you were doing it yourself! I know I’d have a tough time with that, so imagine what the lead character of this comic feels!

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“A cautionary tale for all evil-doers!” Once again, let me start out with FULL DISCLOSURE: I did help by working as an editor on this book, making sure that all the commas were in the right places and such. And the creator of this comic is a close friend of mine. Again, the following review will focus on the parts that I did NOT work on, including the plot, the art and the coloring.

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Spoilerite Nick Green celebrates October with a rundown of scary movies that will get you in the holiday “spirit”. Take it away, Nick!

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The first trailer for the holiday horror flick, Krampus has landed, and you better hope you’ve been good this year.

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Sandy Collora, the creative mind behind Batman: Deadend, is ready for his latest horror flick, Shallow Water, and is headed to Kickstarter to complete the project.

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Here’s an odd twist on the zombie genre – a bunch of kids who have cooties and want to kill everyone in site.  The first trailer AND a clip from the movie (NSFW) have been released, both are worth checking out.

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Press Release Permuted Press, the premier U.S. horror, zombie, and science fiction publisher, unleashes the gripping independent book LUCID, created by Jay Bonansinga, New York Times bestselling author of THE WALKING DEAD: DESCENT. LUCID is a mind-bending, contemporary supernatural thriller for Young Adults available today in print and ebook formats.

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Press Release Wizard World, Inc. (OTCBB: WIZD) continues its 2015 schedule with the inaugural Wizard World Presents Bruce Campbell’s Horror Fest, March 6-8 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Held at the same venue as the famed Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, the Horror Fest will focus on all things horror, with appearances by noted celebrities from numerous genre films and television series. In addition to Campbell (The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness), fans can meet Tobin Bell (Saw franchise), Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Dee Snider (“Twisted Sister”), Danny Hicks (Evil Dead

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Shivers is our next entry in the Friday Night Frights series. Does the feature film debut of David Cronenberg come with all the director’s obsessions and quirks fully formed? You betcha.

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Cutter #1 introduces the titular serial killer and the high school friends who killed her. Cutter #1 introduces the titular serial killer and the high school friends who killed her. CUTTER #1 Writers: Robert Napton and Seamus Kevin Fahey Artist: Christian DiBari Letterer: Troy Peteri Editor: Betsy Gonia Publisher: Top Cow Productions, Inc. Cover Price: $3.99         CREEPY AND UNINTENTIONALLY TROUBLING The Cutter #1 writing team of Robert Napton and Seamus Kevin Fahey cut right to the chase with a murder in the opening pages of this issue. Emily, the assumed-dead-but-actually-a-serial-killer, wields garden shears as her weapon

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Ben TemplesmithIDW PublishingSneak Peek

The final issue of Ben Templesmith’s The Squidder arrives this week, and we have a sneak peek, after the jump.

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IDW PublishingSneak Peek

Fans of Silent Hill, check out this sneak peek of Silent HilL Downpour: Anne’s Story #2.

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