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Racists are right about at least one thing (how’s that for a controversial opening statement): Other cultures are weird. The part that they miss out on is that weird can still be incredibly fascinating and cool. 47 Ronin is a story that doesn’t entirely make sense to Western sensibilities and yet exposes the underlying humanity that transcends culture. And if you aren’t interested in that, it’s got them samurai swords. Lots of ‘em.

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Way back in the long time ago of 1978, Don Rico created a book called How To Start A Comic Book Empire, that featured Captain Free Enterprise telling the poor schlub on the street how he can make his fame and fortune selling comic books to the throngs of people clamoring for them. With all of those people jumping over each other, even I want to know how I can get a piece of the action.  Fortunately, Captain Free Enterprise tells Jim Dodds exactly how it is done, step by step, and how great profits can be made.  While Captain

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