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Press Release Ladrönn has returned to HIP FLASK to illustrate the penultimate issue of Richard Starkings’ acclaimed series. Ladrönn won an Eisner for his artwork in HIP FLASK: MYSTERY CITY, and he and Starkings returns with a lush, beautiful story about redemption and love, OUROBOROUS.

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ElephantmenImage ComicsPress Release

Press Release This Thursday (September 10, 2009), the acclaimed sci-fi series,  ELEPHANTMEN,  will give readers a chance to jump on board as participating stores receive a special 25% overship. “I’m so glad we’re overshipping this particular issue, because I want it to get into as many people’s hands as possible,” Starkings said. “We’ve sold out of EVERY issue since #16 – the Marian Churchland issues were a huge hit – and our numbers have been holding very steady since we returned to our regular monthly schedule with our series of standalone stories, DANGEROUS LIAISONS. I envision ten hefty ELEPHANTMEN collections

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