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2000 ADheavy metalSneak Peek

2000 AD sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Narcopolis: Continuum #4 that is scheduled to arrive on April 6th.

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Dark Horse ComicshardcoverSolicitations

You may not remember Ranx (aka RanXerox), which is okay, because in November Dark Horse Comics will reprint the Heavy Metal series for the first time since the ’80s.

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heavy metalMarvelSneak Peek

Heavy Metal sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Narcopolis: Continuum #2 by Scott Duvall and Ralf Singh.

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Featuredheavy metalReview

Time travel rarely ever ends will, and adding drugs in to the mix can’t end well. Find out where the mix takes scientist Ben in the Major Spoilers review of Narcopolis: Continuum #1.

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2000 ADheavy metalSneak PeekSolicitations

Heavy Metal Magazine will translate Pepe Moreno’s Gene Kong into English for the first time in a two part series.

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heavy metalSneak Peek

Did you pick up the latest issue of Heavy Metal Magazine this week? If not, take the jump and check out this preview.

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comic conventionheavy metalImage ComicsMoviessan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCC

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Heavy Metal will adapt the Image Comics Roche Limit for the big screen.

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Featuredheavy metalRetro ReviewReview

Ever since the release of the 1981 movie ‘Heavy Metal,’ fans have had opinions about why a certain segment just sort of… ends.  Sit back, grab some teutonium nyborg (if you have any left in the transmitter compartment), and stand by for answers! Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of So Beautiful And So Dangerous #1 awaits!

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Asylum Pressheavy metalPress ReleaseSneak PeekSolicitations

Press Release Heavy Metal and Asylum Press have joined forces to bring you Heavy metal #271–The Asylum Press Special!–a sci-fi/horror spectacular that is sure to erupt your deviant mind.

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heavy metalPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release The World’s Greatest Illustrated Magazine Spotlights Jesse Negron’s DRAVN In #262 Hitting stores now, fans are in for another themed-issue treat as DRAVN is unleashed for a full-issue saga of inter-related tales where dizzying heights of storytelling mastery cross paths with unadulterated science-fantasy. What if super-powered heroes and villains have always existed, buried somewhere under our mythology and folklore? We’re not talking about capes and tights, we’re talking about the real demi-gods that walked and pounded the Earth!

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artContestheavy metal

Press Release The Heavy Metal’s 35th Anniversary Release Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse has launched its third art contest “What is your Vision of Famine?”. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse series has garnered high reviews wherever it has been read. The series itself is available digitally and in print and the final book in the series is hitting stores this November. Artists everywhere have been asking for months when the next art contest would be happening and the answer is now! Entering is simple. Post your submission to AND YOU ARE IN!

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Digital Comicsheavy metalPress Release

Press Release Heavy Metal Magazine announced today that with the June 27th comic store release of their 35th anniversary book Four Horsemen Of the Apocalypse Book 1: Helldiver (ISBN: 978-1935351-49-8)they will be changing their release policy to Day and Date for all future books. Digital copies of the book will be available for purchase at Fans can find a local comic store via the Heavy Metal Comic Shop locator by visiting Is your store not listed? Email with the details of your location.

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heavy metalPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release Kevin Eastman, owner and publisher of Heavy Metal Magazine, today announced the first major publishing event for the year-long 35th anniversary celebration with the launch of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Eastman states “This incredible three-book series featuring the stories of Michael Mendheim and art of Simon Bisley will also include special fan incentives and social media-focused promotions and preview exclusives that aim to thrill our die-hard fans, friends, fans and Heavy Metal followers.”

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heavy metalPress ReleaseSneak Peek

Press Release Kevin Eastman, owner and publisher of Heavy Metal Magazine, today announced collaborating collaboration with video game creator and producer Michael Mendheim and world-famous fantasy and comic book artist Simon Bisley on the first of three books entitled, THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE, to be released this December, with the second and third books to be released in the Spring/Summer of 2012.

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