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Review Banjax #4 Review 6.0

Banjax 4 Review

A truck rams its way through the front doors of Abel Raines’ Gyrotech Corp taking down the power grid and enabling his rogue mentor Laird Mason access to the Gyro suit and the C-227 drug.  With his reputation in tatters, can Raines man up and face his nemesis, or will he lose everything on a bonfire of the vanities?  Find out in your Major Spoilers review!

Sneak Peek Banjax #4

[Preview] Banjax #4

The fourth chapter of the One Bold Move arc arrives in this week’s Banjax #4, and we have your first sneak peek from Action Lab Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Banjax #2

[Preview] Banjax #2

Banjax #2 drops this week, and Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone sent us this sneak peek of the issue to share with you.

Sneak Peek

[Preview] Aberrant Season 2 #4

General Garret makes his final NORCO recruitment pitch and David is left to choose between two beloved father figures. Take the jump for a sneak peek of Aberrant Season 2 #4 from Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone.

Sneak Peek

[Preview] Banjax #1

Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone imprint kicks off Banjax #1 this week from Rylend Grant, Fabio Alves, Edson Ferreira, and HdE.

Sneak Peek Aberrant Season 2 #1

[Preview Aberrant Season 2 #1

A new volume of Aberrant arrives this week, and Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone was kind enough to send us these preview pages to share with you!

Sneak Peek Aberrant #5

[Preview] Aberrant #5

A silver-tongued Nelson Little must talk a checked out David into saving the man he still thinks may be responsible for the death of his men. It all goes down in Aberrant #5 from Acton Labs Entertainment’s Danger Zone imprint.

Featured Drexler, Salvagers, Bob Salley, Nathan Kelley, Don Mathias, HdE, Errod Drexler, monster, terror, horror, Feral Kingdom Studios,

Drexler #1 Review

What if you’re in such a terrible situation that there are no “good” choices? Only “less bad” ones?

Featured Salvagers, Bob Salley, Chris Genevois, Fahriza Kamaputra, HdE, Source Point Press, Captain Roenick, Klandarian Pirates, Ty'r, Largo Raas, Jace Hexum, Brigby, Blackbane, Kickstarter,

Salvagers: The Wreck Raiders Part 3 Review

In the newest Salvagers chapter, the creative team lets the readers in on some more of what’s going on, and does it all with skill while managing several moving parts, making this issue a great read!

Featured Shelter Bureau #1 Review

Shelter Division #1 Review

That sense of wonder and terror is captured superbly in Shelter Division, a new comic that brings several of the most impossible creatures and beings together to stop evil.

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