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Harley Quinn gets an exclusive Funko POP!

Miss Harley Quinn is no longer just a mere villainous sidekick and love interest, but truly a woman holding her own on the mean streets of Gotham in this PREVIEWS ExclusiveFunko POP! vinyl figure!

Review 6.7

Harley Quinn #55 Review

‘Tis the season to be jolly, la la la la la, la la, la, la! When Harley’s family insists on gathering for the holidays, can she deal with their odd natures and have a merry Christmas dinner?

DC Harley Quinn #51 Review

Harley Quinn #51 Review

An old hero returns, and it’s all Harley’s fault.  After all, she broke the continuity of the universe.  Your Major Spoilers review of Harley Quinn #51 awaits!

DC Harley Quinn / Gossamer #1 Review

Harley Quinn/Gossamer #1 Review

Since it’s the fifth week of the month, DC again continued its practice of releasing some crossovers between their own characters and those from the Warner Bros. cartoons.

Given Harley Quinn’s recent popularity, I thought it would be fun to review her meet-up with Gossamer, that big, red, hairy monster! As always, there are two tales in this issue—one similar to DC’s style of storytelling, and the second more like the cartoons.

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