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Geek History Lesson #295 – Birds of Prey

Black Canary and Oracle formed the first iteration of the female superhero team known in DC Comics as the BIRDS OF PREY. Now, this team appears in its first live-action movie to rescue Harley Quinn! Learn all their history and secret passwords before you see the movie.

Ten Things Ten Things

Ten Time Travelers

Hellooooo, Future People! You ready for some Ten Things Nerdery? Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Time Travelers!

Review 7.0

Harley Quinn’s Villain of the Year #1 Review

It is time for the Doomie awards hosted by the great Harley Quinn! With great categories like Most Obsessed Villain and Best Justification for Evil; it is sure to be a blast. Come check out Harley Quinn’s Villain of the Year by DC Comics!

Comics Portal

Comics Portal: Here Comes Harley Quinn!

In just a few days, the four-day New York Comic Con will get underway. It’s one of my very favorite conventions all year, and this year DC and Warner Bros. are shining their light on everyone’s madcap crazy girl, Harley Quinn!

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