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Press Release (San Diego, August 13, 2008)   — What is Fubear? Fubear is the schism that exists between “funny ha-ha” and “funny-strange.” At least that’s what creator David Slade tells us. Coming this August from IDW Publishing, Fubear is a nice, small, square hardcover collection of the illustrations which served as inspiration for the animated comic/horror short “Meatdog: What’s Fer Dinner”, a short film that premiered at Comic Con in July 2008 and will play to the over seven million users of Xbox LIVE this fall.

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DC Direct has announced a new production run of the 1:6 scale deluxe Joker collector figure.  The figure has been sold out for a while, and with the success of the Dark Knight movie, the company is trying to meet demand. THE DARK KNIGHT: THE JOKER 1:6 SCALE DELUXE COLLECTOR FIGURE features an intricate fabric costume consisting of a shirt, tie, vest, blazer, pants, overcoat and loafers, with movie-specific accessories including three knives, a handgun with removable clip, a bank robbery mask, three sets of hands, as well as a display stand. The new figure will be in stores September

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