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Dynamite Entertainment has announced it is teaming with Hallmark to bring the adventures of Rainbow Bright to comic book fans in October 2018.

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This year’s New York Comic Con was sick! (I found out “sick” is the new “awesome” when I was at a restaurant wearing a cool Batman shirt and a guy came up behind me declaring, “That shirt is SICK!” I may be behind on my current lingo, but I figured it out!) This past weekend, the latest NYCC was held in the Big Apple, and it was great! I was yet again on both sides of the table, and all four days were big ones, with the crowds being the biggest I’d ever experienced there. Thursday, Friday and Sunday all

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comic conventionMarvelNew York Comic Con

During the New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics invited attendees to sign a giant birthday card to celebrate Spider-Man’s 50 years in comics.  The stunt paid off in a big way, landing the company, the character, and everyone who signed the card in the Guinness World Records book.

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Red 5 ComicsReview

“Should an intense young man, or a wild-eyed gentleman ever approach you and mention the word “Tunguska”, I want you to shoot them.” I didn’t realize my birthday and Christmas arrived on the same day this year, and I was even more surprised to discover that both of these major holidays fell in the last week of April.  Someone must not have told Hallmark about the change, but at least Red 5 remembered to send a gift in the form of Atomic Robo: Shadow Beyond TIme #1.

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Press Release

Press Release The time has come again to nominate the best and brightest for the Lulu Board of Directors! We need our members to nominate dedicated people to keep up the good work, changes and new adventures for Friends of Lulu that has been the hallmark of 2008. Nominating and voting individuals to the National Board is one of the privileges enjoyed by members of Friends of Lulu; if you are a member please visit our online nomination page at and submit your nominations!

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Sneak PeekTop Cow

The Art of the Witchblade arrives in stores this week, and Top Cow has sent us a sneak peek of the book that features some very cool art by some heavy hitters in the industry.

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