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CatwomanMajor SpoilersQuestion Of The Day

Ever since Bob Kane and Bill Finger decided that “cat” was the opposute of “bat” back in 1940, a lot of people have played the role of Selina Kyle.  My high school crush Adrienne Barbeau even voiced her in a Batman cartoon once, and no fewer than three actresses (Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether and the lovely Eartha Kitt) starred opposite Adam West’s Batman back in the late 1960s.  As for poor Halle Berry, though she looked good without her mask, her solo Catwoman tale belly-flopped like a cartoon snowman, but the proliferation of actresses who have played Selina Kyle does

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Bryan SingerMarvelMoviesX-Men

When word hit that Haley Berry would be returning as Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past, a little sigh of relief went out by many a fanboy and fangirl. Director Bryan Singer decided to give us a little more, by using Twitter to share Berry with her new Storm hairstyle.

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mark millarTrade PaperbackWanted

I you wandered through your LCS this week, you may have seen Angelina Jolie looking back at you.  That’s because Top Cow has released the Wanted Movie Edition Trade Paperback to capitalize on the upcoming DVD release. The WANTED MOVIE EDITION not only contains the hit comic story by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones, it also features a movie photo cover (see attached), interviews with the director and cast of the film, a character dossier, deleted scenes, a making-of-the-comic featurette and more. I think some are going to be dissappointed when they purchase the trade and find out Jolie on

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