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Mike Deodata had a really great quote the other day that I wanted to share with everyone. I got an email from a young comic artist wanabee who wanted to know how old I was when I started working at Marvel, so that he could have an idea how long it would take for him to break in, as well. He was feeling already too old. He’s nineteen. I told him that age doesn’t matter. One of the worst artists I know of started at Marvel when he was 20. One of the best artists I know of — Hal

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Dark Horse Comics

ReelArt Studios and Dark Horse Comics have announced it will release a new statue based on Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant. Beginning in 1937, when it first appeared as a full tabloid page in the nation’s newspapers, this meticulously crafted ongoing adventure has continued to run weekly, winning worldwide acclaim for its detailed realism and heroic scope. At the heart of the story is a nordic prince who comes to Camelot, and befriends Merlin, Arthur, and his fellow knights. Armed with the magical “singing sword,” he sets forth on a neverending adventure that has thrilled generations of readers. This 1/8-scale statue

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