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If you thought Marvel was done with the Monsters Unleashed variant covers, you really don’t know Marvel very well. The company revealed even more variant covers coming our way in the coming months, but this time with a twist – Gwen Stacy is the monster!

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Who’s ready for Spider-Woman #1!? If you are like the rest of the cool, kids, you’ve already added it to your pull list. For the rest of you, Marvel runs down the series.

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MarvelPress ReleaseSolicitationsVariant

Press Release She’s smart, charming and she can lift a car! She’s Gwen Stacy, the Spectacular Spider-Woman and she comes to you each month in the pages of the critically acclaimed Spider-Gwen series! But what if Gwen Stacy had lifted Mjolnir to become Thor: Gwen of Thunder? What if she had been awarded the Eye of Agamotto, and battled the forces of the supernatural as Dr. Gwenge? Find out as she powers up for June’s can’t miss GWEN VARIANTS – as the industry’s top artist show you a side of Gwen Stacy you’ve never seen before!

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Spider-Gwen #2 Feature Image
FeaturedGwen StacyMarvelReviewSpider-Gwen

Spider-Gwen #2 brings in some familiar faces for Gwen to deal with – including a cameo from Spider-Verse.

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FeaturedGwen StacyMarvelReview

In a world somewhat like the Marvel Universe, it was Gwendolyn Stacy, not Peter Parker who was bitten by a radioactive insect during a science exhibition.  Never before has the phrased “because you demanded it” been greeted with quite so much instant gratification…  Your Major Spoilers review of Spider-Gwen #1 awaits!

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Jason Latour is making comics history this week. He is the first creator to get a chance to bring the iconic Gwen Stacy into a light she has never been seen in before. Spider-Gwen #1 hits shelves today and was brought there by the roaring fanfare Jason’s work in the pages of Edge of Spider-Verse #2 received where the character was first introduced.

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FeaturedGeek History lessonMarvel

Gwen Stacy was Spider-Man’s girlfriend, and now because of Spider-Verse has been reborn as Spider-Woman! Where did Ms. Stacy come from? Will Spider-Gwen stick around for very long? So sit back and enjoy as Ashley and Jason begin their lesson. You might learn something. Enter your Mind University!

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Spider-Gwen feature image

Following the sold-out, hugely popular Edge of Spider-Verse #2 issue featuring an alternate reality where Gwen Stacy was bitten and took up the mantle of Spider-Woman, writer Jason Latour talked about the future of the character, including an appearance in Marvel‘s on-going Spider-Woman series. “I’m not involved in the grander strokes of Spider-Verse, so I don’t know what the big plans are, but I do know she’ll be making a couple of appearances in Dennis Hopeless’ new Spider-Woman book, and I’m thrilled by that. Dennis is going to do fun things with her. If she’s around after all the dust clears, and

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Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Feature Image

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 takes place in a world where Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider and became Spider-Woman and Peter Parker died. Edge of Spider-Verse #2 takes place in a world where Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider and became Spider-Woman and Peter Parker died. EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2 Writer: Jason Latour Artist: Robbi Rodriguez Colourist: Rico Renzi Letterer: VC’s Calyton Clowes Editor: Nick Lowe Publisher: Marvel Comics Cover Price: $3.99         A FANTASTIC ALTERNATE REALITY I’ve always wanted more Gwen Stacy in my life. She’s an interesting character who gets almost

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MarvelSneak PeekSpider-Woman

We’ve known since the San Diego Comic-Con that Gwen Stacy would appear in the Spider-Verse series, and today, we have our first look at Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman!

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This week on the want list, The Gwen Stacy Statue from Sideshow Collectibles has arrived, and Stephen does an unboxing and shows you this gorgeous statue.

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Amazing Spider-ManMarvelMoviesTrailer

The last big cut of Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage we saw was during a commercial break for that big American Football game, but the international fans needs a special cut for them also!

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Amazing Spider-ManMarvelMovies

We have seen numerous promotional images for Amazing Spider-Man 2 over the last month, with all of them focused on the men of the movie. Thankfully, Sony remembered they do have a woman in a leading role in this film and have released an image of Gwen at her job in Oscorp.

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Amazing Spider-ManMarvelMoviesSpider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues to film on in the Big Apple and loads of set pictures have hit the Internet this week. Take the jump to see the pre-CGI Rhino, Gwen Stacy walking a dog, and a Kid Spider-Man!

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