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DCFeaturedFrankensteinReviewSwamp Thing

Love is strange, Faithful Spoilerites, and nowhere is that more true than the monstery corners of the DC Universe.  Your Major Spoilers review of Young Monsters In Love #1 awaits!

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Detective Comics is 900 issues old – it’s just too bad DC rebooted the universe and we have to review Detective Comics Volume 2 issue #27.

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BatmanDCFeaturedNew 52ReviewSuperman

Superman and Batman. One is a modern god, as visible to the public as the sun, who inspires and leads with his example of protecting the innocent and believing even Lex Luthor has some good in him. Another strikes fear in the superstitious and cowardly criminals from the shadows, using the darkness as a weapon, a man who became a legend. Both are heroes. What happens when you put these two, seemingly opposite, superheroes together? Well that’s what this book aims to answer, see how it does with your Major Spoilers review!

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Calvin Rose returns to Manhattan to bring down yet another facet of the Court of Owls… and to find his beloved Casey and her daughter Sarah. Does he get the jump on the Court? Does he get the girl? Or does he once again find himself in the Court’s clutches? More after the jump!

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DCFeaturedNew 52Review

As if there weren’t enough Bat family books put out by DC, a new one is introduced during Zero Month and its name is Talon. Is this book worth your hard earned money or is it another unnecessary title? Major Spoilers has your review to find out!

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BatmanDCFeaturedMajor SpoilersReview

Will Batman be able to save The Riddler from a tree-monster? Strange things are afoot in this issue…

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