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MarvelMs MarvelTrade Paperback

Occasionally, the publishers will take a collection of sold out issues, and combine them into a mini-trade that fits the budget and makes it easy for readers to get their hands on a collection of books.  Such is the case with Ms. Marvel: War of the Marvels Must Have that includes Ms. Marvel #39-41. The three issue mini-trade arrives August 19, 2009.

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New Krypton Part 11 I’ll admit I was a little surprised when the New Krypton story wrapped up in Action Comics #873.  I figured this was a story that would go on for 12 issues minimum, and really needing 24 issues to tell the massive story DC set into play that turned into a surprise hit for the company.  Even though the New Krypton banner may be gone from the covers, the New Krypton story continues as the story shifts from Earth to Kandor.

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Atomic RoboRed 5 Comics

Probably the best first week news of 2009 – Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener are working on getting the third and fourth volumes of Atomic Robo in our greasy little hands this year. Beyond that we’ve got Volume 3, Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time coming up for pre-order in…uh…weeks? Months? Not 100% on that one. It’s soon though, I promise you that! And, yes, we’re doing another story for Free Comic Book Day this year. Look for that at your local retailers in May. Sign me up when that solicitation hits!

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Oh Dear God, Make It Stop! For the last couple of months I’ve subjected myself to one of the most bizarre team up stories ever written.  While this is supposed to be a Superman Batman team up, Superman failed to appear in the first two issues, and save for a moment of the two passing one another on the way to bring down a Lovecraftian horror, the two have been following separate storylines.  Throw in passing cameos galore, and you have the makings of a mega crossover event.  Right?

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Blue BeetleDCMatthew SturgesReview

Buy the book, read the book, love the book, save the book I’m sure more than a few readers were a tad apprehensive when John Rogers stepped away from writing Blue Beetle and Matthew Sturges took over.  But now that Sturges has more than a few issues under his belt, it is clear that the title isn’t suffering due to a change in writers.  It’s as strong as it’s ever been.

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Thor and the Red Hulk got into it in Hulk #5, and to make sure everyone has a chance to get their hands on the sold out issue (at the distributor level), Marvel is going back to press with a new cover of the Jeph Loeb series. “Five issues.  Five sold out.  And the second printings too!” said Loeb. “I’ll have to tell McGuinness’ kids to stop buying so many copies!  Seriously though, I gotta thank Warren Simons and the entire Thor crew who were so helpful at getting the God of Thunder to guest star in this issue.  And

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Josh LeBar draws on all kinds of life experiences when giving voice to Flash Thompson for “The Spectacular Spider-Man.”

LeBar, best known for his role as agent Ari Gold’s arch rival Josh Weinstein on HBO’s “Entourage,” has lived the life of both a prep jock and an aspiring super hero … so taking on Flash Thompson’s persona wasn’t much of a reach.

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