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While not a huge crossover event, Secret Warriors #7 and #8 are crossing over into issues #135 and #136 of the Thunderbolts series as Nick Fury takes the fight to Norman Osborn. Editor Bill Rosemann explained, “Nick Fury vs. Norman Osborn? The Secret Warriors vs. the Thunderbolts? Andy Diggle and Jonathan Hickman trying to one-up one another? Miguel Sepulveda and Alessandro Vitti out for blood? Something tells me this is going to get messy”

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DCSneak Peek

It’s a slow day today, so how about a sneak peek of Batman #688 from DC? You know where to look.

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Sneak PeekTop Cow

The Darkness #7 marks the 71st issue of The Darkness in its entire run of volumes.  As this issue builds to issue #75, Top Cow sent us a sneak peek at the issue that arrives this week.

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