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Barack ObamaIDW PublishingReview

History is written by the winners Have comic book readers had enough of Barack Obama gracing the covers and making guest appearances in nearly every comic book published these days?  Apparently not, as the Commander-in-Chief continues to be a big seller, and continues to show up on everything from Army of Darkness, to a shadowed guest appearances in Marvel comics.  So what happens when IDW Publishing moves away from stunt casting to presenting a factual account of the road to the White House?

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Image ComicsRob LiefeldYoungblood

If you thought guest appearances by President Barack Obama in comics were done, guess again.  Image Comics is getting into the act again as the President makes his first superhero-related initiative in Youngblood #8, written and illustrated by Rob Liefeld. “Obama re-instating the YOUNGBLOOD program with his picks is a natural, with SAVAGE DRAGON having featured Obama already,” Liefeld told Comic Book Resources.  “And with YOUNGBLOOD having featured George H. Bush in its past as well as a Saddam Hussein styled guy and YOUNGBLOOD featured alongside Dan Quayle in WILDC.A.Ts and Bill Clinton in SUPREME, Image has a long history

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Blue BeetleDCMatthew SturgesReview

Buy the book, read the book, love the book, save the book I’m sure more than a few readers were a tad apprehensive when John Rogers stepped away from writing Blue Beetle and Matthew Sturges took over.  But now that Sturges has more than a few issues under his belt, it is clear that the title isn’t suffering due to a change in writers.  It’s as strong as it’s ever been.

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AnimationBatmanDCDVDInterviewsMoviesThe Dark Knight

As one of the stars of the ABC hit series “Ugly Betty,” Ana Ortiz has enchanted the primetime audience playing Hilda Suarez, big sister to the title character. Today, Ortiz offers fans a 180-degree acting pivot from her most noteworthy role by voicing gritty detective Anna Ramirez in the DC Universe original animated film “Batman Gotham Knight.” The film is available today, July 8, on DVD, Blu-Ray and OnDemand. Ortiz initially auditioned for the same part in “The Dark Knight,” but lost out to Monique Curnen. Her disappointment didn’t last long as casting/dialogue director Andrea Romano took one look at

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Free Comic Book Dayfree comics

Free Comic Book Day is a few short days away, and Comic Book Ink in Tacoma, WA is getting into the action in a big way again this year. Not only will the store be giving away a lot of comics, they have guest appearances and other freebies for those who show up bright and early. Members of the local 501st SQUADRON of STAR WARS re-creationists A Special Appearance by POWER GIRL A Tentative Appearance by LOBSTER JOHNSON from HELLBOY Folks from the Lakewood Regal Cinemas with FREE POSTERS for folks who sign up for their incredible REGAL CROWN CARD..the

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