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Confession time: I think Theros block is super cool, but I feel the majority of its coolness comes from its flavor implementation, rather than from its mechanics. Still, it does have a mechanic called MONSTROSITY so it would be criminal not to build a deck around it.

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Damn, I almost forgot about this. Let’s get our groove on, on this wonderful Friday. And yes, I realize there isn’t much singing for you to sing along to, but comeon, you know you want to sass out the name Spider-Man…ha-ha-ha in all the right places.

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It’s really too bad that I haven’t had the time to write a review for each of the Joker’s Asylum issues as they came out, but now that I’m getting back into the groove, I might as well follow up yesterday’s review of Joker’s Asylum: Scarecrow (released last week), with a review of this week’s concluding issue in the series; Joker’s Asylum: Two-Face.

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