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Or – “This Just In: Former Captain America Steve Rogers Is Still Dead…” “…even though all appearances point to the contrary.”  I was having a discussion with Tom Grice (Who is still WRONG, sir!  WRONG! ) recently, regarding changes to our comic book purchasing habits, during which we both realized that we were slowly dropping a lot of titles that were “just plain superhero books.”  I gave up on both New Warriors and Thunderbolts in recent months, and Tom had found himself culling hero books, but keeping titles like Scalped, Hellblazer, and other stories off the beaten path.  When talk turned to

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DCLegion of Super HeroesReview

Or – “Shvaughn?  Is That You?” My new manager Deon (who is wrong only half as often as Tom Grice, but only about 1/3 as pretty) and I got to talking the other day about the work of Jim Shooter, a writer whose work bounces all over the spectrum.  For every Harbinger, Rai, or ‘Adventure Comics’-era Legion, there is a ‘Hank Pym punches Janet’ moment, a ‘Shadow State,’ or “MORE GORE FOR THE ORG!!!”  Whichever Jim Shooter you get writes tightly plotted yarns with nice character bits, but the overall effect of the writing varies wildly, as anyone who ever

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