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DCdoug mahnkeFeaturedGeoff JohnsGreen LanternNew 52Review

A hero returns, pasts must be faced, and we learn a woman scorned is even worse when she is backed by an entire civilization.

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BatmanDCGift GuideGreen LanternHolidayLegoMajor Spoilers

We knew last summer that LEGO and Warner Bros. had teamed for a new line of DC Comics Superhero LEGOs and now the first sets are available for order, and some LEGO fan is going to be super excited come gift giving morn.

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Green LanternVideo

How do you make Green Lantern sexy? If you are VAMP TV, you get LeeAnna Vamp to don a shiny green bikini and dance around.

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Our Valued Customers has become one of my must read webcomic sites each day.  And with great ones like this, why wouldn’t you stop by? via Our Valued Customers

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Action FiguresDCDC DirectGift GuideGreen LanternHolidayToys

With the relaunch/reboot/re-imagining the occurred with DC Comics’ New 52, the one thing many didn’t see coming (unless they watched Green Lantern movie) was Sinestro becoming a Green Lantern again.  DC Direct steps up for the Green Lantern fan in your life with an action figure ready just in time for gift giving.

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cartoon networkcomic conventionDCGreen LanternSneak PeekTelevisionWarner Bros.

This weekend, at the New York Comic Con, fans had a chance to get a first look at the upcoming Green Lantern: The Animated Series.  Several of the Major Spoilers Twitter Nation were at the show and let us know they enjoyed it quite a bit. Warner Bros. has released a sneak peek of the first episode that you can check out after the jump.

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Animationcartoon networkcomic conventionDCGreen LanternNew York Comic ConTelevision

If you’ve been curious about the upcoming Green Lantern: The Animated Series show on the Cartoon Network, and if you are planning to attend the New York Comic Con, then Warner Bros. has a panel for you.

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DCFeaturedGeoff JohnsGreen LanternNew 52Review

I haven’t read a Green Lantern title since Kyle Rayner had the ring and Hal Jordan was as dead as Barry Allen and Bucky Barnes put together. Does this re-introduction to Green Lantern have me swearing an oath to read it every month or swearing off comics for good?

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DCFeaturedGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsGuy GardnerReview

As stated on the variant cover, “Batman + Guy Gardner = Worst. Team-up. Ever.” But in the best kind of way.

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DCFlashGreen LanternMoviesWarner Bros.

In an interview with Hero Complex, Warner Bros. film group President Jeff Robinov said the company is moving forward with a Green Lantern sequel, even though the movie didn’t open as well as the company had hoped. “We had a decent opening so we learned there is an audience,” said Warner Bros. film group President Jeff Robinov, pointing to the film’s box office debut of $53 million. “To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action…. And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in

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comic conventionDCGreen Lanternsan diego

Once again, we’ve scoured all the news coming from the San Diego Comic Con, run it through the wringer, chapped and sorted all the info, and deliver up the tid-bits and information, along with our commentary, on DC’s Green Lantern Panel, and are serving it up to you, after the jump.

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Animationcartoon networkDCGreen Lanternsan diegoSneak PeekTelevision

Take a gander at this sneak peek of the Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Those attending Comic Con will no doubt get to see a bit more than that on Friday.

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Batmancomic conventionDCGreen LanternLegosan diegoToys

While I liked what LEGO did with the Batman sets from a few years ago, I was always hoping for more from the toy company.  Looks like that wish is coming true as DC and LEGO have expanded their relationships allowing LEGO to access the complete library of comic book characters and stories to launch DCU Super Heroes. The multi-year licensing deal, made through Warner Bros. Consumer Products, will start rolling out the new line in January, starting with 13 characters, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and villains the Joker, Bane, Harley Quinn and Lex Luthor. Those of you at

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DCFeaturedGreen LanternReview

Or – “THE BRAWL TO END IT ALL!!! A Mean Tantrum ’bout de’ Green Lanterns! The Big Dance with the Guardi-ance! The Smash-Face in Deep Space! The Pain Felt in the Asteroid Belt! The Bombardiers in the Upper Atmospheres! The Altercation for the Spectrum Nation! The Big Ol’ Fight with Creatures Of Light! The Grudge-Filled Ruck-os in the Endless Cosmos! The Bellicosity at Escape Velocity! It’s kind of a slobberknocker is basically what I’m sayin’, here…

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