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For the longest time Hal Jordan has been the leading Green Lantern for Earth and Sector 2814.  Now it’s time for a new Lantern to take his place while he’s gone.  In fact, two Green Lanterns will be working together in his absence:  Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz.  Not familiar with those two?  Luckily Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 is the start to a brand new Green Lantern series and Major Spoilers has your review after the jump!

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Lots of announcements coming out of the DC Comics panels today.  Take the jump for word on Batman and more! UPDATED WITH PHOTOS AND MORE ANIMATION INFORMATION

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With Blackest Night hitting full force over the next year, it really comes as no surprise that the Green Lantern: Rebirth story is getting the Absolute treatment from DC.  Or at least that is what Geoff Johns is saying.  And if you can’t trust Geoff Johns, you can probably trust DC when it made the announcement at the ComicsPRO meeting back in March. There are plenty of really great tales coming out of DC, and many of them have yet to see an Absolute treatment.  Is Green Lantern: Rebirth worthy, or should there be other stories that should get a

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