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Trace Adkins fans now have one more reason to love him; his likeness is featured in the new Luke McBain series from 12 Gauge Comics. The title character of Luke McBain is drawn to Adkins’ likeness and reflects some of the 6’6″ singer’s philosophy. The story takes place when McBain returns home to rural Louisiana after serving 14 years in prison, having taken the fall for a crime he didn’t commit. He finds himself in a town now controlled by greed and corruption, and he’s the only one with the courage to set things right. Although the book contains some

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Archibald the Aardvark is getting ready to chase the dragon.  No, not that kind of dragon, the one that represented in the Chinese Zodiac.  Image Comics’ Shadowline imprint is set to release Archibald Chases the Dragon the first week of January – even if 2009 is the year of the Ox. The one-shot is written by Dara Naraghi and illustrated by its creator Grant Bond.  This is the third in a series of Archibald tales following Archibald Saves Christmas and Archibald Saves Easter. This time around a tip-off about a long thought solved murder brings Archibald to Little China, in

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MarvelSecret InvasionSkrullapaloozaX-Factor

My first introduction to witnessing an event as it took place was the Civil War/Infinite Crisis year. Back then, I was a little bit younger, and apparently I didn’t mind the mass of books that you had to buy to keep up with what was happening. I was blissfully unaware of the sheer greed that went with such an event and the need to tie-in as much as humanly possible to make as much money. So when I saw the Secret Invasion banner on top of my X-Factor this past week, I was crestfallen. Not entirely surprised, just disappointed.

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DCReviewThe Question

Or – “The Question And Answers…” The character of Renee Montoya was one of the centerpieces of 52, traveling a complicated arc from drunkard to acolyte to hero in her own right over the course of the year, coming to grips with mortality, her own weaknesses, even the people who had been hurt by her actions in the past. Her transformation into The Question was probably the most satisfying of all the main characters’ stories, and her relationship with Batwoman (another interesting character) made for the possibility of ongoing drama with the newest media darling superhero. So, is it me,

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