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IDW PublishingTransformers

IDW Publishing announced The Transformers is getting a regular on-going series thanks to an agreement reached with IDW and Hasbro.  The series will be written by Mike Costa and arrives in November. “We’ve pulled out all the stops for our first ongoing TRANSFORMERS series and now is a great time for the new series,” said IDW’s TRANSFORMERS editor, Andy Schmidt. “Since TRANSFORMERS #1 is the beginning of a whole new journey for TRANSFORMERS comics, it’s the perfect opportunity for new readers to get into the brand.” via IDW Publishing

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The DarknessTop CowVariant

Top Cow has announced Josh Medors is providing the variant cover to The Darkness #76. “I had a great time working on this. Jackie has always been one of my favorite Top Cow characters, so to get a chance to work on a Darkness cover was amazing,” explained Medors, “I was a bit nervous going in to it, but the gang over at Top Cow was great.  I think the finished piece turned out fantastic.”

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