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Image ComicsInvincibleReviewRobert Kirkman

Conquest: Part One After the Earth shattering events of the previous issue, Mark and the rest of the survivor’s have been tasked with cleaning up in the aftermath.  There’s a lot of rebuilding to do, but sometimes the weight of the world are too much to bear.

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Army of DarknessDynamite EntertainmentReview

Love is a bitch… After the last done in one issue of Army of Darkness, any hope of reading another one immediately following seemed low.  Fortunately, Dynamite Entertainment delivers another self-contained issue that sees our boy Ash getting a little lovin’.

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ConanDark Horse ComicsReview

Have fun storming the castle! By Crom! The final installment of the first arc in the newly launched Conan the Cimmerian series from Dark Horse Comics has arrived!  All those flashbacks, featuring Conan’s grandfather, readers have been reading since May 2008 finally play out as readers discover how hungry, lonely, and fearsome the wolf can be.

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Dark Horse ComicsKullReview

Don’t read this late at night…or a month after the last issue My biggest problem with Kull is that so much of his mythos has been wrapped into the Conan mythos that telling one from the other is often difficult.  This is especially true when it comes to the serpent cult, which has appeared in Conan comics from the 1970’s  and in the Conan animated series.  Strip off King Kull’s wardrobe, and feature him sneaking around the castle in his skivvies, and the line between the two – at least in this issue – is wiped away.

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