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Radical PublishingReview

Hercules and his four companions are sailing towards Egypt when their transportation is savagely attacked by pirates. The battle doesn’t exactly go as planned and the group are forced to abandon ship and swim towards nearby land. Once there, they decide to assist a hard pressed Queen’s caravan against a marauding bandit hoard and to prove that no good deed ever goes unpunished they are then captured and forcibly taken to the capital city by the very same coterie they had just aided. Their fate is now seemingly in the lap of the gods but Pharaoh Seti has more down

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Army of DarknessDynamite EntertainmentReview

An American Chosen One in London Ash is off to the Land of Fish and Chips in hopes of finding a fellow Chosen One, but ends up finding something else altogether.  While the Evil Dead made it look like Ashley stumbled upon the Necronomicon, the connection between Chosen One and Book of Evil goes back much further than that, to a time when a band of heroes fought side by side to bring down the forces of evil.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

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