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Major Spoilers’ own Marlowe Lewis totally digs on the art in the Madame Xanadu series, and checking out this page by Amy Hadley, one can see why.  Great art, an image that fits with our magic themed week – sounds like the makings of another Art Appreciation Moment of the Day.

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It’s man against nature, and nature looks like it is winning With the Death of the New Gods, Superman disappearing in Trinity, and Supergirl going through whatever Supergirl is going through at the moment, you’d think another book featuring Superman, Supergirl, and the New Gods would not be high on my radar.  For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been looking forward to Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom, for the great art, the compelling story, and the fact it gives readers a break from the complicated goings on in the main Superman titles.

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