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Here’s some gravy to go along with the heaping helping of Ghost Rider 2 news we presented earlier – Marvel is developing a new Daredevil movie.  Fortunately, instead of a sequel, this will be a reboot.  Empire Online has no other information other than the fact that Ben Affleck won’t be involved in the project. It’s odd that Marvel is going for a reboot of the Daredevil film when the director’s cut of the film was much better than the theatrical release.  It’s certainly much better than the Ghost Rider film which Columbia seems to want to force down viewer’s

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District 9, the Peter Jackson produced sci-fi social commentary flick, hit the number one spot over the weekend, bringing in an estimated $37 million.  While not spectacular for major block buster numbers, the film reportedly cost $30 million to make, with Sony/Tri-Star buying the distribution rights for $25 million.  That means as the movie gains momentum over the next couple of weeks, that there will be a lot of gravy floating around for a potential sequel if director Neill Blomkamp decides to go for it. And while you might be flying high on that news, I’ll bring you back down

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