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On occasion, a hero is called to make The Ultimate Sacrifice™, giving their own life for a greater good. And sometimes, just sometimes, that hero is the only thing standing between survival and universal Armageddon…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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Comics are constantly looking for ways to re-invent themselves. After all, they’re in direct competition with videogames and movies, all of which, well, move! The question is, how can comic books with stationary art compete with that? We just might be looking at the future in Faster Than Light, a new title from Image Comics. Apparently, creator Brian Haberlin has been working on this very thing when it comes to comics, and I like it!

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The Alfonso Cuaron directed Gravity recently past the 500 million dollar mark in the box office and will be looking to make even more money when the 3D/Blu-Ray/DVD/digital super combo pack releases. Included on the Blu-Ray will be a short film directed by Gravity co-screenwriter Jonas Cuaron that features a character we only ever hear the voice of, Aningaaq. The seven minute short has been released early online and you can watch it after the jump. If you haven’t seen Gravity there is a slight spoiler, so now you know.

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artArt Appreciation Moment of the Day

I enjoy looking at fairly well known comic book artists doing original work for others.  Today, Dominic Marco tackles a concept character by another writer.  Plus there’s a bonus image, that you can only see after the jump!

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