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Calie travels through the looking glass one last time on a desperate mission to rescue her daughter. If you don’t know anything about Zenescope’s best selling Wonderland series, I would advise that you go to your local comic store and pick up the Return to Wonderland hardback along with back issues of Beyond Wonderland (the Tales from Wonderland trade paperback is also a great read which contains individual stories on characters such as the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts). You don’t necessarily have to read the first two chapters to enjoy Escape but it will add to your reading

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Blackest NightDCGeoff JohnsGreen LanternReview

It Begins… There has been plenty of lead up to the much hyped Blackest Night series, as the Green Lantern titles have unveiled nearly all of the Corps involved in the event. Green Lantern #43 gets the Prologue banner treatment, and is a great lead in to the mega-event.

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With Joss Whedon and John Cassaday’s history making run on Astonishing X-Men concluded, Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi picked up the mantel at issue #25, and continued this week with Astonishing X-Men #26. For whatever reason, the front cover showcased Beast in both action and pensive moments, despite actually not appearing one iota within the book.

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DCReviewThe Question

Or – “The Question And Answers…” The character of Renee Montoya was one of the centerpieces of 52, traveling a complicated arc from drunkard to acolyte to hero in her own right over the course of the year, coming to grips with mortality, her own weaknesses, even the people who had been hurt by her actions in the past. Her transformation into The Question was probably the most satisfying of all the main characters’ stories, and her relationship with Batwoman (another interesting character) made for the possibility of ongoing drama with the newest media darling superhero. So, is it me,

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Action FiguresToysZombies

Fans of dolls action figures probably shed a little tear of joy when EMCE Toys brought back the Star Trek and Planet of the Apes figures based on the original MEGO molds. The company has decided to go a step further by getting some of the original MEGO gang back together to develop an original line of figures based on The Night of the Living Dead. In time for the film’s 40th anniversary, figures based on the Graveyard Zombie, hero Ben, damsel-in-distress Barbra and iconic undead child Karen Cooper will be released throughout 2008. Graveyard Zombie and Ben will be

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