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The intro for the new CBS Hawaii Five-O series is making the rounds this morning.  While I’m interested in seeing how the series lives up to the original, I’m slightly disappointed in the updated theme music and the CSI feeling graphics in this open, but am very pleased knowing that Grace Park is in the series. If you are so inclined, take the jump and take a gander at the original opening from 1968.

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If you’re having Grace Park withdrawal after the end of Battlestar Galactica, you’ll be able to see the actress again real soon on CBS’ remake of Hawaii Five-O. The updated take on the original series centers on an elite branch of the Hawaii State Police headed by Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin). Park will play Kona Kalakaua, the niece of squad member Chin Ho Kelly. I already planned on watching the series, but now I have a reason to schedule it into my TiVo. via THR

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The big Terminator movie hits theaters this weekend, and it prompted the Major Spoilers Crew to sit back and think about our impending doom.  Today, we thought we’d present to you, Dear Reader, the definitive list of robots and androids who could actually bring down the T-800 series.    It’s a scientifically calculated list that can not be challenged, due to the intense nature of the work that went into making this list a reality (we said with tongue firmly in cheek).

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