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DC Silencer Annual #1 Review

The Silencer Annual #1 Review

Of the several books in DC’s New Age of Heroes imprint, The Silencer has been my favorite. I’m drawn to the concept of a person who has been in the underworld who has tried to leave that life behind and live a “normal” life.

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Batman #14 Review

Of course, I knew going in that Tom King’s Batman would be very different from…

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Batman #7 REVIEW

Crossovers sell! When we get to see various characters interact with each other that we’re…

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Batman #1 REVIEW

As I was reading this comic, it dawned on me that if it had come…


Catwoman #38 Review

Catwoman #38 throws a lot at the readers in the aftermath of Selina’s decision to…

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Batman #31 Review

One of the great things about “Zero Year” has been the re-defining of the Riddler.

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