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Rand Bellavia of Ookla the Mok fame, returns this month with a new installment of Random Access Memory.

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I always like to tell people the truth … that I’m really not that big of a horror fan. I enjoy it well enough, so don’t misunderstand. It’s just not the kind of story I enjoy reading most. (That’s a battle between superhero stuff and mysteries.)

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Press Release Freshly freed from prison, Jackson Winters is given an offer he won’t refuse: steal a ghost and keep his freedom. Winters, one of the greatest thieves in the world, accepts, gathers his team, and sets out for the Trask Mansion, home to horrors and haunts. This is the story of writer Joshua Williamson and artist Goran Sudzuka’s GHOSTED, VOL. 1 TP, the inaugural collection of the hit ongoing series, now available for $9.99.

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