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Dead Rabbit #2 Review

What’s a modern day Robin Hood gonna do when after a twenty-year retirement, he realizes he’s spent all the cash and the same one percenters are still in charge? Find out in Dead Rabbit #2.

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #354: John McCrea

Time for a great crime noir comic, and that’s Dead Rabbit from Image Comics! During Episode 354, I talk with artist John McCrae from this gripping book, including his role in bringing this series to your local comics shop.

Marvel The Defenders

The Defenders are back

Marvel has announced the original Defenders (Doctor Strange, The Immortal Hulk, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and The Silver Surfer) are reuniting for a series of all new stories.


Analog #5 Review

The Great Doxxing has laid flat the internet.  Five years into the aftermath, there are no secrets to big or too small to hide on the worldwide web.  But secrets still need to be transmitted, and couriers, nicknamed the Ledger Men, are the guys just for the job.  And none come harder than Jack McGinnis, with a face like a shovel and fists like piledrivers…

Featured Infinity Wars #1 Review

Infinity Wars #1 (of 6) Review

The identity of Requiem is revealed, and the Guardians of the Galaxy will never be the same!  Your Major Spoilers review of Infinity Wars #1 awaits!

Solicitations Avengers Halloween Special

Marvel announces Avengers Halloween Special

This Halloween, Marvel brings us their spookiest stories as Iron Man and Captain America take a journey to find one of Howard Stark’s abandoned weapons, but what they find is a horror so different than what they’ve encountered before.

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