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Review 7.0

Maestro #3 Review

Hulk finds himself in a dystopian future and is searching for signs of civilization. A small community has formed in Dystopia led by none other than Hercules! Find out how this reunion goes in Maestro #3 by Marvel Comics!

Sneak Peek Maestro #3

[Preview] Maestro #3

Who Killed The World! No, really, who? Maybe we can find a clue or two in this sneak peek of Maestro #3 from Marvel Comics.

Review Maestro #2 Review 9.0

Maestro #2 Review

Hulk wakes up from suspended animation and sees a war destroyed world! He now roams the United States observing the damage and looking for survivors. Check out Hulk’s dark descent in Maestro #2 by Marvel Comics!

Review 8.0

Maestro #1 (of 5) – Review

Bruce Banner has had trouble controlling his powers but at his scariest was when he took on the mantle of Maestro! Come check out his origin in Maestro #1 by Marvel Comics!

Sneak Peek Maestro #1

[Preview] Maestro #1

It’s the storyline you’ve waited your entire life for, and it lands in your lap THIS WEEK! Take the jump for a sneak peek of Maestro #1 from Marvel Comics.

Review Strikeforce #8 Review 4.3

Strikeforce #8 Review

The War of the Realms may be over, but there’s still unrest among the Dark Elves.  Your Major Spoilers review of Strikeforce #8 from Marvel Comics awaits!


Marvel releases teaser trailer for Maestro #1

In August, Marvel Comics releases Maestro #1, which promises to reveal the shocking origin of Maestro – the far future and villainous version of Bruce Banner. Peter David returns to write the story, and Marvel has released a teaser trailer for the issue.

Review Strikeforce #1 1.7

Strikeforce #1 Review

A group of heroes has been falsely accused and turning to their super pals would only make the true evil spread further. So, Blade and his pals are on their own and your Major Spoilers review awaits!

Review 9.0

Green Arrow #46 Review

Despite the fact the Green Arrow is grieving the loss of his partner, Oliver Queen is still on the most wanted list of The Citizen. But Oliver is in no mood to play, and when The Citizen ups the game, Green Arrow has to be on target to stop him, or die trying. It all goes down in Green Arrow #46  from DC Comics.

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