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Marvel Legacy

As Marvel continues to roll out the Marvel Legacy renumberings, the publisher has released the creative teams for three more series.

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Generation X #1
Generation XMarvelSneak PeekX-Men

Did you hear the X-Men are back? That means all sorts of X-Men titles on the way including this sneak peek of Generation X #1!

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Generation XSolicitationsX-Men

The x-Men are returning to Marvel in a big way. It started with X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold, followed by the announcement that Iceman is getting his own series. Now Marvel Comics has announced the return of Generation X as part of the ResurrXion event.

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Wolverine. Cyclops. Jean Grey. Beast. Storm. Prof. X. Iconic members of one of Marvel Comics’ most widely recognized super teams, the X-Men. Every one of them born with amazing mutant abilities, banded together in an effort to save a world that hates and fears them. I’m here to tell you today… Not a single one of them are in this film. Instead, we get a guy with a bad Irish accent, a woman with ill-defined psychic powers, a Latin stereotype, and a group of bland supporting characters kinda-sorta against a bargain-bin Jim Carey. Take the jump, and let’s get this

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