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GenCon 50 kicks off next week, and Dan the Table Top Man and Stephen discuss some of the games they are excited to check out.

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CthulhuFantasy Flight GamesGamingLovecraft

Playing games set in the world of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos continues to be a big deal. Fantasy Flight already has Eldritch Horror, the Call of Cthulhu card game, Elder Sign, and others, and now the company is set to take us back to Arkham with Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

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FeaturedGamingGen ConMajor SpoilersMunchkin LandPodcast

Dr. Brad Will sits down to discuss what he saw, what he liked, and what he missed out on at this year’s GenCon.

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GamingMagic: The GatheringPress Releasewizards of the coast

Wizards of the Coast today launched Magic Duels on PC via Steam with its initial content release, Magic Duels: Origins, enabling fans to play this brand new digital release for free. Magic Duels: Origins introduces an entirely new digital Magic experience, offering limitless free gameplay, hundreds of unlockable cards, many exciting multiplayer modes-including the return of fan-favorite Two-Headed Giant. Available today on Steam for PC and the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One on July 31, Magic Duels: Origins will be available on PlayStation 4 later this year. The game was released earlier this month on iPhone® and iPad®.

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conventionDiamond Select ToysGamingGen ConMiniMatesToys

Last year, Gen Con saw the launch of the Pathfinder Minimates line, with a series of exclusive mini-figure two-packs and a veritable horde of exclusive Goblins based on the popular role-playing game from Paizo. This year, the spectre of Pathfinder Minimates has risen again, with an all-new Goblin Minimate available for the first time at this year’s Gen Con in Indianapolis!

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FeaturedGamingMajor SpoilersMunchkin LandPodcastSteve Jackson Games

Munchkin is a dedicated deck card game by Steve Jackson Games, written by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic, that has a humorous take on role-playing games. This week, it’s a Munchkin Minute: Steve Jackson Games had several announcements at GenCon 2014, and Stephen just received Munchkin Legends 2: Faun and Games.

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conventionGamingGen ConPress Release

Press Release Tasty Minstrel Games announced that their wildly popular dice game Dungeon Roll will be demoed and debuted at GenCon 2013 in Indianapolis Indiana. The Kickstarter for Dungeon Roll raised over $250,000 with the most individual backers for a physical game on Kickstarter ever. Tasty Minstrel Games will be at Booth 459 so show up and learn how to play. At GenCon, if you buy Dungeon Roll, then you will get the first hero booster for free. GenCon is the largest game fair in North America with over 140K attendees regularly. There is a special first day of the

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conventionGamingGen Con

Press Release Paizo Publishing®, LLC, publisher of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, has announced an on-going partnership with Gen Con LLC, The Best Four Days In Gaming!™ Starting with Gen Con Indy 2013, August 15-18 at the Indiana Convention Center, Paizo will become a Co-Sponsor, supporting the convention at the highest level of sponsorship available. The deal extends for three years, concluding with Gen Con Indy 2015.

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comic conventionFeaturedReviewSneak PeekZombies

This has been quite some time coming. While I was at GenCon I got to preview one of, if not the, coolest games I’ve ever played. While doing this I was able to talk with a number of the designers and play testers, who were are all fun people, and offered to do a review on it for when their Kickstarter went up. Well, guess what’s finally happened . . .

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