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FeaturedGeek History lessonMajor SpoilersMarvelPodcast

Let’s open up some classified Army documents and learn just how Steve Rogers, Captain America, won World War 2 for us! Moments before he goes out to fight in his own Civil War.

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FeaturedGame of ThronesGeek History lessonMajor SpoilersPodcast

Game of Thrones is back on the air so it’s time for us to dig into the secrets of another great family of Westeros! This time we’re talking House Lannister with a little help from Nina Friel Listen to a podcast that would make Tyrion and Tywin Lannister proud!

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DCFeaturedFlashGeek History lessonPodcast

Zoom is the villain of the second season of CW’s hit show The Flash. But did you know that the comic book villain Zoom is quite different from his TV counterpart? Dive into the speed force and let’s learn all there is to know about one of The Flash’s most dangerous villains.

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DCFeaturedGeek History lessonMajor SpoilersPodcast

Alfred Pennyworth is perhaps the most important Batman character of all. He’s sidekick, employee and father to Batman; plus he can make an excellent dinner. Where did Alfred get all these skills? We’ll tell you!

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DCFeaturedGeek History lessonPodcastSuperman

He’s called the Man of Steel! But did you know that when he first appeared Superman couldn’t even fly? Hop back to 1938 with us as we reveal the origin and history of Superman in the Golden Age! 

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BatmanDCFeaturedGeek History lessonPodcast

He’s known as the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight and the world’s greatest detective! But where did Batman get all his neat toys and villains? Learn everything about Bruce Wayne as we hop back to 1939 and reveal the secrets of the Golden Age Batman!

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DCFeaturedGeek History lessonMoviesPodcast

Batman and Superman have been friends, teammates and enemies in many books. With the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we decided to tell you our top 5 Batman/Superman stories. 

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FeaturedGeek History lessonMajor SpoilersPodcastPunisher

Daredevil Season 2 is soon to introduce us to a new Punisher! So before Frank Castle blows apart New York, let’s open up his military file and reveal his secrets!

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FeaturedGeek History lessonMarvelPodcast

Natasha Romanova is known as the Black Widow of The Avengers, but how did this super spy get so much red in her ledger? Learn her secrets and watch you backs!

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FeaturedGeek History lessonPodcastPower Rangers

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are coming back strong in a new comic book thanks to Boom Studios. And we asked Power Rangers expert Matthew Peterson of Major Spoilers ( to teach the entire history of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

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DCFeaturedGeek History lessonMajor SpoilersPodcast

Vixen is a longtime member of the Justice League who has finally appeared in live action on Arrow! Learn all of her animal secrets before Vixen turns into a gazelle and runs away!

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DCFeaturedGeek History lessonPodcast

Caitlin Snow is one of the smartest scientists on the Flash, but when Barry Allen visits Earth 2, he encounters Caitlin as the villain Killer Frost! How does Caitlin become Killer Frost? We have all the answers.

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AvengersFeaturedGeek History lessonMarvelPodcast

It’s time to learn the secrets of the West Coast Avengers! This Hawkeye led team not only had some great adventures but created one of the longest running jokes on our podcast!

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DeadpoolFeaturedGeek History lessonMarvelPodcast

He’s got a movie coming out starring Ryan Reynolds and he’s one of the most popular X-Men in Marvel Comics! We’re talking about Deadpool! Time to peel back that mask and peek inside!!

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