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Cryptozoic Entertainment announced it will be at the New York Comic Con next week, and has a number of new products for your game table, game room, Nerd Room of Doom, and more!

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Fantasy Flight GamesGamingLovecraft

Eldritch Horror is the game that keeps making me insane each and every time I play it. Then again, that is kind of the point of the game. The expansions released so far have been a blast, and early next year, we’ll be able to go to The Dreamlands.

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GamingLegoTrailerVideoVideo Games

We’ve heard bits and pieces of Battle Arenas in LEGO Dimensions, and today we get our first look at the various gameplay modes, and a new trailer!

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What is the problem with horror games that use the Cthulhu mythos? Extra Credits examined the problem (and a possible solution) in a video from a few years ago, that still makes sense today. Or maybe it doesn’t make sense, and you are just going mad… MAD I TELL YOU!

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FeaturedGamingMajor SpoilersMunchkin LandPodcastSteve Jackson Games

Fantasy Flight and Games Workshop part ways. What does it mean? We share our thoughts in this week’s Munchkin Minute.

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GamingMarvelWiz Kids Games

On the heals of the DC Dice Masters: Superman and Wonder Woman Starter Set announcement, comes word that Iron Man and War Machine will also get a starter set on the Marvel Dice Masters side.

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DCGamingSupermanWiz Kids GamesWonder Woman

WizKids is certainly trying a lot of different things with its Dice Masters line. Last week, we received our Green Arrow/Flash gravity feed, and in May we’ll be able to get our hands on a new Starter Set featuring Wonder Woman and Superman.

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DeadpoolGamingWiz Kids Games

Lots of Deadpool coming our way as WizKids has announced the November release of Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool.

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GamingMagic: The Gatheringwizards of the coast

Wizards of the Coast is set to release the new Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh on September 30th. The company sent us four cards featuring some very amazing powers that are on display at the Inventors’ Fair on Kaladesh, where anything is possible. Take the jump for an exclusive look at these cards.

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BatmanCryptozoic EntertainmentGaming

Remember the classic Batman: Animated Series episode, Almost Got ‘Im? Cryptozoic Entertainment is taking the concept of villains playing poker with Batman in disguise and turning it into a full fledged card game.

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Fan FilmGamingVideo

I don’t see enough Warhammer 40k fan films online. Granted, I’m not actively looking, but I have doubts any can compare to The Lord Inquisitor by Warpgazer. The 8-minute CGI short was created entirely in the director’s spare time, and is worth checking out.

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halo pax exclusive
conventionDark Horse ComicsHaloMerchandisePAXToys

If you are at PAX West this weekend, Dark Horse Comics has something for you Halo fans – the PAX Exclusive 5” Halo Covenant Banshee Ultra replica. It may be tiny, but it will fit in your suitcase on the way home.

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Dark Horse ComicsGarth EnnisPress ReleaseSolicitations

PRESS RELEASE: Wargaming and Dark Horse Comics announced today that the highly anticipated first issue of the World of Tanks: Roll Out comic series will hit comic book stores and digital distribution on August 31st.

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Dungeons And DragonsGamingWiz Kids Games

There are a lot of ways to create side games and challenges in your Dungeons and Dragons game, and WizKids may have introduced a game that will take care of your next Wizard battle with Rock Paper Wizard.

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