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It looks like a new version of DOOM is coming our way in May, and Dark Horse Comics is collecting some of id Software’s best art in a new tome.

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Munchkin is fun game that the Majorspoilers group has been introducing to gamers for sometime now. The highlights of the game are the back and forth battles where each player tries to beat a monster while the rest of the group throws all sorts of obstacles in way to trip them up. Backstabbing, bluffing, and treachery are hallmarks of this fun card game by Steve Jackson Games. There are all kinds of themes for Munchkin from ancient to futuristic and from real to fantastic. Munchkin is a great way to introduce new gamers to the hobby with fun art and

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green arrow and the flash
DCFlashGamingGreen ArrowWiz Kids Games

This August, WizKids will add The Green Arrow and The Flash Foil Packs to the popular Dice Masters line.

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GamingIDW PublishingKickstarterPress ReleaseTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

IDW Games is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign of radical proportions! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past, designed by Kevin Wilson, is a scenario-driven, miniatures-based combat board game, and its Kickstarter campaign is live now, featuring a host of exclusive gaming and publishing content, including an exclusive April O’Neil Hero Pack!

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3D PrintingCosplayHaloVideo

A few years ago, 3D printing was a quaint thing for those on the bleeding edge to play around with. Now, cosplayers, comic book, and movie fans are using 3D printers to develop props and costume pieces that really wow. There is a lot of work going into these prints, including electronics and more. Check out this breakdown of how a Halo energy sword was created to include NeoPixel LED lights.

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FeatureMajor SpoilersMunchkin LandPodcastSteve Jackson Games

This week, we dive into the smaller packs, expansions, and bonus cards to see who will be declared the winner of Munchkin Land!

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Alderac Entertainment Group sent us the breakdown of the games arriving in stores this month.

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FeatureFeaturedGamer's CornerGaming

In a competitive game you usually know who are your opponents. In a cooperative game you are opposed only by the game itself. But in a semi-cooperative game there is often a hidden agenda for one or more players. This player or players takes on a traitor role where they appear to help the group or team while working toward a unique hidden goal. Games with a traitor mechanic are a good mix of social deduction and teamwork.

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CWGamingTelevisionVideo GamesWarner Bros.

The CW, Machinima, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have teamed for a third season of the E-Sports series, Chasing the Cup for the CW Seed and CW Network.

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FeatureFeaturedGamingMajor SpoilersMunchkin LandSteve Jackson Games

Well the 4th season of Munchkin Land is in the books and it’s been an exhilarating year with some new faces and a lot more games being played.  A total of 27 matches were battled out and some tears were shed in the process.  This year there was a change in the way the stats were recorded, The Interleague Play record keeping was dissolved and all games played for 2015 are counted in the main Munchkin Career Totals. This means Stephen keeps the best Career Average (.455) for all Interleague Games played, well done Stephen!

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BatmanVideo GamesWarner Bros.Warner Bros. Interactive

If you are playing Batman: Arkham Knight on the PC, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have released the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6, featuring new challenges and a new skin.

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CthulhuFeaturedGamingMajor SpoilersMunchkin LandPodcast

It’s time for a new batch of Great Old Ones to battle for control of primordial Earth! Stephen, Rob, and Brad sit down to play a game of Cthulhu Wars using characters from the expansion sets from Sandy Petersen.

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Dungeons And DragonsGamingSolicitationswizards of the coast

D&D fans who are eager to return to Castle Ravenloft will be able to do so in March!

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DCDCU OnlineSonyVideo Games

For the fifth anniversary of DC Universe Online, Daybreak Games, has announced it is bringing the popular MMORPG to Xbox One.

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