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In the history of comics, there have been hundreds of super-teams, ranging from 3 members to 30 or more, and while every group has their standout fan favorites, not everyone get the attention they deserve…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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I am really surprised by the news that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince got trounced in its second week by G-Force the family centric CGI hamster action flick.  Potter dropped a surprising 61-percent from it’s opening weekend, bringing in $30 million over the Friday and Saturday time-period.  While I would love to have the $30 million in my pocket, it’s more impressive that Potter brought in $221 million over the past two weeks. Disney’s G-Force opened with $32 million, so my guess is, if everyone hadn’t been at Comic-Con this past weekend, Potter would have held the top spot.

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This movie just keeps getting weirder and weirder.  The Guinea Pig Force (hence G-Force) is tasked with stopping a crazed man who is about to unleash an mechanized army.  Oddly, those mechanized robots transform from everyday devices.  With Bruckheimer behind this coming fiasco, it doesn’t surprise me that this is the result. Don’t believe me?  Check the trailer for yourself (before legal takes it down).

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Oh man, when we heard months ago that Jerry Bruckheimer was producing a G-Force movie, we assumed it was going to be a balls to the wall, explosion laden, eye-gasm featuring Mark, the Princess, Keyop, and the rest of the G-Force gang.  Instead, we get this… Guinea pigs?  Granted, they are specially trained guinea pigs who work for the government, but come on!  And to rub it in our faces, these are CGI guinea pigs and not the real deal.  Boo, Mr. Bruckheimer.  Boo to you! via USA Today

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Sony Pictures Imageworks has announced it will be the driving force behind the live action 3D adaptation of one of my favorite cartoons from my youth.  G-Force (Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets) will have its 2D footage converted into 3D during the action sequences. Is everyone excited about a G-Force movie? via THR

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