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Sneak Peek Die!namite #4

PREVIEW: DIE!namite #4

At last the heroes of Earth, Barsoom, Drakulon and Hyborea have joined together for a last stand against the zombie plague in DIE!namite #4 from Dynamite Entertainment. The issue arrives on Wednesday.

Sneak Peek DIE!namite #3

PREVIEW: DIE!Namite #3

Vampirella arrives on Mars but it may be too late for her and Dejah Thoris to save Barsoom from the Zombiepowers in DIE!namite #3 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Review The Comic Book History of Animation #1 10.0

The Comic Book History of Animation #1 Review

Who doesn’t love animation? But where did it all begin? How did animation evolve from the days of silent movies to where it is now? Dive in and start discovering the answers in The Comic Book History of Animation #1 from IDW Publishing!

Review Die!Namite #1 Review 7.3

Die!Namite #1 Review

The season of frights is upon Dynamite, and everyone gets caught up in the occult madness.  Your Major Spoilers review of Die!Namite #1 from Dynamite Entertainment awaits!

Sneak Peek DieNamite #1

[Preview] DIE!namite #1

Dynamite Entertainment kicks off its big crossover event this week, and we have a preview of DIE!namite #1 that you can check out right now.

Review Psi-Lords #8 Review 9.0

Psi-Lords #8 Review

As Nihilio and the Gyre converge on Earth, what can the Astro-Friends do? And will they finally accept that as their nickname? Find out the in the shattering conclusion to Psi-Lords #8, from Valiant Entertainment!

Review Psi-Lords #7 Review 8.7

Psi-Lords #7 Review

A power struggle in remote space is actually hurtling toward Earth. Is there certain destruction in the near future? Find out in Psi-Lords #7 from Valiant Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Psi-Lords #7

[Preview] Psi-Lords #7

Valiant Entertainment has released a sneak peek of Psi-Lords #7 that is scheduled to land at your local comic shop on Wednesday.

Review Psi-Lords #6 Review 7.7

Psi-Lords #6 Review

In the Gyre, alien gangs of Wardens vie for control and keeping order in their orbital prison. But who is responsible for them being trapped here – the Psi-Lords or the Starwatchers? Find out in Psi-Lords #6 from Valiant Entertainment.

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