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Review The Long Con #8 Review 9.0

The Long Con #8

I suppose, when you think about it, there is huge potential there. I am so happy they’ve dived into this head first and taken us with them on this crazy journey.

Sneak Peek The Long Con #7

[Preview] The Long Con #7

The Long Con continues this week from Oni Press, and we have a sneak peek of The Long Con #7 by Dylan Meconis, Ben Coleman, EA Denich, and Fred C. Stresing.

Sneak Peek Invader ZIM #38

[Preview] Invader ZIM #38

ZIM’s latest insidious plan for world domination has dire consequences for GIR, and now everyone thinks the poor dog is dead. DEAD!? You better check out this sneak peek of Invader ZIM #38 just to be sure.

Oni Press InVader ZIM #33

Invader ZIM #33

Invader ZIM #33 is scheduled to arrive at your local comic shop on Wednesday, and we have a sneak peek, just for you, today.