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Review The Shape of Elvira #1 Review 5.3

The Shape of Elvira #1 Review

Elvira, the self-proclaimed Mistress of the Dark, is a woman with a lot of side-hustle in her bustle and her current gig is no exception. It’s an opportunity to star in a film, work with a legend in the film industry, and possibly make a lot of money. Yeah, I think she would be interested, who does she have to kill? Let’s find out in THE SHAPE OF ELVIRA #1 from Dynamite Entertainment

Sneak Peek Shape of Elvira #1

[Preview] Shape of Elvira #1

The Mistress of the Dark lands the leading role in a touching art film about human/gill monster romance, but there’s something decidedly fishy about her costar in this week’s Shape of Elvira #1 from Dynamite Entertainment.