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Fan FilmHumor

What would happen if Bernie Sanders was in the hit TV show Seinfeld, instead of Jason Alexander? This creative video from Break Originals gives us an idea.

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Calvin and HobbesFan FilmVideo

No idea how long this web series will be online, but I have a feeling Bill Watterson will get a kick out of seeing this take on his Calvin and Hobbes newspaper strip.

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Fan FilmHawkeyeMoviesVideo

Fan films are going to have a range of production value from high to low and really, really low. Check out this Hawkeye fan film based on the Matt Fraction run on the series.

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BatmanFan FilmTerminatorVideo

Batman wants to fight EVERYONE! Superman, The Internet, and now Terminator. This stop motion animation created by Captain McKay Random shows what happens when the two throw down.

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Fan FilmVideoVideo Games

Remember shoving hundreds of dollars in quarters into the R-Type video game machine back in the ’80s? Yeah, good times blowing up the aliens while leveling up your ship with powerful new weapons.  Now, Paul Johnson has taken his love for R-Type and turned it into an animated short.

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Fan FilmStar WarsVideo

Remember how cool Darth Maul was in Star Wars Episode I? Remember how they killed best character off in the third act? That sucked. Fortunately, fans brought the character back for some pre-Episode One adventures in Darth Maul: Apprentice.

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Fan FilmGhostbustersMoviesTrailerVideo

Yesterday, the Internet seemed very preoccupied about the first Ghostbusters trailer for the upcoming Paul Feig movie. First trailers are often meant to give the viewer a 30,000 foot view of the movie, and hopefully give you enough context to keep you watching, but what if the funny bits of yesterday’s trailer were removed? That’s what Mike Colver did, and suddenly the movie takes on a whole new tone.

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Fan FilmGamingHumorVideoVideo Games

In a world where gritty reboots are all the rage, the haunted horror gobbling menace of Pacman is ripe for a remake. Mash the video game with The Warriors, and you have something that is not quite both.

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Back To The FutureFan FilmVideo

It’s the Back to the Future movie you didn’t know you wanted to see, until you see this fan film trailer that explores Doc Brown’s time with terrorists.

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BatmanDCFan FilmSecret SixVideo

In a world where you can’t use a company’s IP without getting a giant slap in the face from lawyers, The Demon in the Dark is a pretty damn fine Secret Six film.

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BatmanFan FilmVideo

Eighteen months in the make, Ripper: A Batman Fan Film takes Batman to the time of gaslights and foggy London Town, as the sleuth investigates Jack the Ripper.

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DCFan FilmMoviesSuicide SquadVideoWarner Bros.

Are you still gawking at the Suicide Squad trailer? Well here is something to keep you occupied, a fan created trailer using footage from the animated DC Universe.

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AnimationDeadpoolFan FilmVideo

When Deadpool arrives in theaters next month, fans are going to get their first look at an R-rated mainstream comic book movie. There has been a petition for a PG-13 version, which makes no sense, so for those who want to see something more kid friendly, here’s an animated trailer.

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Army of DarknessDCFan FilmLoboVideo

Who doesn’t love a well produced fan film? As long as it isn’t making money, the publishers turn a blind eye, which means we can get some of the craziest crossovers ever made. Take, for example, Ash vs Lobo and the DC Dead, which bits everyone’s favorite Deadite killer, Ashley Williams, taking on…. Lobo and the DC Dead… duh, it’s right there in the title.

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