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Review Champions #4 Review 7.3

Champions #4 Review

The Champions are on the run from the US Government.  What better time to take a boat trip?  Your Major Spoilers review of Champions #4 from Marvel Comics awaits!

Sneak Peek Champions #4

PREVIEW: Champions #4

Cyclops and the Marauders pop in to check out how things are going in this week’s Champions #4 from Marvel Comics.

Review Champions #2 Review 8.0

Champions #2 Review

The Outlawed event continues. Things have gone from tense to heated as more and more people choose a side on the issue of Kamala’s Law.  Your Major Spoilers review of Champions #2 from Marvel Comics, awaits!

Review Outlawed #1 Review 5.3

Outlawed #1 Review

Marvel’s young heroes are some of the best and brightest of the universe.  But what happens when something goes wrong, will they lose their time to shine as Earth’s next mightiest heroes? Your Major Spoilers review of Outlawed #1 from Marvel Entertainment, awaits!