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Border Town #3 Review

The Curandera at the herb store knows something about what’s going on, and offers to train the young people in the ways of Brujeria. But as fear leads to hate, and hate rises in Devil’s Fork, what is happening to Blake?


Border Town #2 Review

One of the most incredible experiences of their lives, and the young people of Devil’s Fork, AZ realize that no one would ever believe them. They resolve to go their own ways and leave it, but fate works in funny ways.

DC Border Town #1 Review

Border Town #1 Review

When strange things start happening in the border town of Devil’s Fork, Arizona, it’s easy for some folks to pin the blame on “illegals.” What they don’t realize is that the border with Mexico is not the only border in this area, and “illegals” are not the actual threat. Take the jump for our review of Border Town #1 from DC Comics.