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Press Release The biggest news of Comic Con International in San Diego was revealed moments ago and jaws are still on the floor—the world-renowned super hero Marvelman is now part of the Marvel Comics family! Marvel Comics has purchased the rights to Marvelman from creator Mick Anglo and his representatives, finding a home for one of the most sought after heroes in graphic fiction! “It is an honor to work with Mick Anglo to bring his creation to a larger audience than ever before,” said Dan Buckley, CEO & Publisher, Print, Animation & Digital Media, Marvel Entertainment Inc. “Fans are

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Marvel Entertainment has promoted Alan Fine to the Executive Vice President, Office of the Chief Executive, according to a press release sent out yesterday, and we were just too busy to report about until this morning.   Anyone care about promotion announcements?  I guess it is my blood to post this stuff when I find it, as I was hammered in the head for many years by another boss who thought it was good PR to post this stuff on the web.  In the case of Marvel, I think we do an awful lot of that already, even though we get

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